Great BJJ Documentary with Felipe Costa

I watched this a very long time ago and I really liked it. Most people see the guys at black belt and see the champions and assume they were the champions at blue, purple, brown and then black…this is a great little video doc to show that you can become a champion at any time…it takes the work and focus. If the person has the right mind set and attitude becoming a champion and great at BJJ is easy, you just add the BJJ.

How to tape your fingers for BJJ

Hey guys,

Sorry I am the worst blogger on the planet, I promise to start making frequent posts here with quality content for everyone to take and learn from. I have a lot of stuff w have been taping and I have a few viral “call outs” I am going to do soon…straight old school. Anyway, I had a close friend that is training in Brazil ask me how he should tape his fingers. Here is a quick 6 minute tutorial on how to tape your hands and fingers for BJJ. I think taping your fingers helps a great deal and also helps prevent injury.