Track me, follow me, CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Whats up guys, its been a long time, a LONG TIME, but this blog is going to get a new life. I am going to put some serious time into this thing, I invite you , all of you to track me for a year. I am going to be all over the place, talking about BJJ, what it did for me, my experiences and what I have got from them, and what I want is to show you what it can do for you. Later this week you will see the main site up and running. TM365 is going to be about me, my year in BJJ and nothing else, it will showcase me, my training, my travels, the ups and the downs and allow you to follow me a long the journey of 2013 as a BJJ black belt. This is going to be a lot of fun, I have a lot planned for this coming year; tracking it and documenting it will be a way to show you what BJJ can do for a person, my hope is that sooner than later you will see a few profiles on the TM365 site to follow around. Through this site and TM365 you will learn about my life, training, bjj & judo, competition, strategy, my philosophy on training and certain aspect of theory. Nothing is in stone but I can guarantee you this, if you subscribe to this site and TM365 at the end of the year you will have taken something that will change your game and life forever. It might be BJJ, competition, physical, mental…what will change? Who is to say, but there will be a great deal of insight on many different facets of the BJJ Lifestyle. I will be posting brief summary updates here on the blog and on TM365 site, so if you want all the detail, if you want the videos, the tips, and everything else I can dish out along the way, put your name and info in the box to the right and Ill send you all the information weekly. OSS…

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