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Welcome to DanSimmler.com!

DanSimmler.com is a personal blog that will document my daily activities and training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Judo, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as well as other things such as training reviews, product reviews, and off topic stuff such as ‘How To’ sections.

If you are looking to follow me on just a professional training side, please go to http://www.TrackMe365.com At TM365 I will be making daily blog entries, as well as making weekly videos on training, techniques, BJJ travel and discussions on theory and BJJ philosophy.

*** Make sure that you enter your contact information into the contact box on both sites. This will put you on the mailing list, I am going to make daily posts but a lot of the techniques and videos will only go out through the mailing list. ***


If you are a BJJ fan, competitor, or just interested in learning more, you will gain a ton of great content rich material from these two sites. BJJ and Judo have given me so much and I want to show everyone so they can see and possibly experience some of the same things I have. OSS!!!

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