Grappling Opponent Bails!

I was supposed to grapple in a match tonight at the Mass Mutual Center in Springfield at a MMA event against what I was told was a former Olympic wrestler. He is my weight and was supposed to fight in the co-main event, his guy backed out, the promoter (Fernando Rivera) called me last night asking if I would take the fight as straight grappling match, I immediately said yes and he said I’d be paid $750 just for show money. I canceled plans this evening and waited around all day only to be told last minute tonight that the guys coach didn’t think it was a good idea…so instead of having some kind of match that his friends, teammates, family etc can watch at the show they paid money for, and making money himself, he elected to bail all together.

I just don’t understand the ‘fighters’ these days. This is the running joke at Worcester MMA/BJJ-Abusado Team, our guys can’t get matches because we actually train and send fighters that are prepared. This happens to be the third time in six months for me, Fran Collins from the factory has bailed on two occasions for a MMA fight, his trainer Matt Lee called and said he wouldn’t let Fran fight with the cliff note version of the reason being he’d get his butt kicked and he has nothing to gain by taking the fight. It must be nice to get to hand pick the opponents you get to fight. So even though I know it was a last minute thing I am sorry (yet again) for another ‘fighter’ backing out and the people who also took time off last minute to go watch and have a good night for no reason.

Future Events…

August ’12:
Rick Hawn MMA Seminar
Renan Borges BJJ Seminar

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BJJ Seminar with Ben ‘Peter Parker’ Salomon 7/1/12

Just to give everyone a heads up, we are having a BJJ seminar my Pan-Am gold medalist and World silver medalist Ben ‘Peter Parker’ Salomon July 1, 2012. Ben will be showcasing some of the CRAZIEST high percentage loop and collar chokes you have ever seen! Ben was given his blue-brown belts by Matt and Nick Serra and was promoted to black belt by Paragon founder Frajinha Miller. He now trains and teaches full time with multiple time World Champion Romulo Barral in Los Angeles California.

There will be a number of promotions this day as well as a ton of kick ass techniques…

The cost is $55 Pre-Paid WMMA Students, and $70 for all non-WMMA students and also people paying the day of.

BJJ Travel Trip #1

This weekend I was able to get to travel to Vermont. The trip was a roller coaster of events start to finish but thats another story all together. The weekend trip was sparked because I was attending one of my students and training partners weddings in Burlington. As many of you know I won’t go anywhere if I can’t train and I never go anywhere with out my GI in hand (except this time, I forgot it in the dryer).

I was able to get a great training experience, since I have received my black belt, I have taken a strong interest in the history of the sport and have gained a overwhelming respect for some of the higher ranking names in the sport. As a result I have been making plans for a HUGE future (near future) trip traveling the world meeting and training with some of the top ranking players in the sport. (I’m actually going to Brazil in two weeks where I will be training with two different 9th Degree Red Belts, four Coral Belts and a host of other top talent on the competition scene. This will also be my first time competing in Brazil, more on that soon…) This weekend I was able to train at Vermont BJJ with 6th degree Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Julio ‘Foca’ Fernandez. Professor Foca is a 6th degree BB under Carlson Gracie Sr (who I was also able and very fortunate to meet prior to his passing.)

I will add more to this post soon, I have a lot of photos to upload…just a lead in, I got to be a part of a big promotion and was able to watch as three people among others received their promotion to black belt!